2005 REALTOR of the YEAR, Lynne Blake

Lynne is being honored for her commitment to the leadership in the REALTOR® organization and her years of service.

She first joined the Board in 1990, and
has served continuously from 1995 to 2005 on
the Board of Directors!!

She started her tenure as a REALTOR® representative for Northern Berkshire, as Northern Berkshire Council President and in varying leadership roles that lead

Lynne Blake
Lynne Blake

to her election to the 2005 Presidential position.

She has served with distinction on the Multiple Listing Service Board of Directors as well as on the Finance, Professional Standards, Good Neighbor, Community Service, Orientation and Berkshire Newcomer Magazine Committees in the last year alone.

Most recently, Lynne was appointed to serve as the Berkshire REALTOR® representative on the Massachusetts REALTORS® Board of Directors in Boston. In her service on the state level, Lynne has been active in meeting with Berkshire legislators on Beacon Hill and Capital Hill in Washington DC, advocating for private property rights.

In her own Words… REALTOR Spirit

“When I became licensed as a salesperson 15 years ago, I had no idea that it was not the same thing as being a REALTOR®. I really didn’t think there was any difference. I started working for Bob Burdick who was a REALTOR®, so therefore I took orientation, paid my dues and became one also. As I started reading more and more, especially our Code of Ethics, I became more aware that there is a big difference.

  • It is the difference that has kept me in the business all these years.
  • It is the difference that I promote to everyone at all times.

I strongly believe that one must treat everyone with the utmost honest, integrity and fairness, not just in real estate, but in everything.

One of my goals is to see that all our members have the opportunity to grow in character. It would be very naive of me if I thought I could reach everyone and convince them to aspire to these qualities, but I can continue to lead by example and inspire new agents at the new member orientation as best as I can.

I want members to be proud of being a REALTOR® and not take that designation for granted. I will continue to promote education in all relevant fields and if I reach even just one member, and that member reaches just one more and so on and so on, we will be an organization not just large in numbers but strong in character.”

 Local Activities
  • President, Berkshire County Board of REALTORS, Inc. – 2005
  • President-Elect, Berkshire County Board of REALTORS, Inc. – 2004
  • Vice President, Berkshire County Board of REALTORS, Inc. – 2003
  • Secretary, Berkshire County Board of REALTORS® – 2002
  • Board of Directors, Berkshire County Board of REALTORS, Inc. 1995 to Present
  • North Council President – 1995
  • North Council Director – 1996-2001
  • Berkshire Newcomer Magazine Task Force – 2004 to Present
  • Finance Committee – 2004 to Present
  • Professional Standards Tribunal – 2004 to Present
  • Professional Standard Appeal Member – 2004 to Present
  • Good Neighbor Award Selection Committee – 2004
  • REALTOR® Community Service Committee – 2004
  • REALTOR® Community Service Projects – 2005
  • Ex Officio, MLS Board of Directors – 2005
  • Speaker, New Member Orientation – 2004 to Present
  • Berkshire Appointment to Massachusetts Board of Directors 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005
  • Attend all local meetings held by the Board, including education, committee etc…
  • Member of the Berkshire County Board of REALTORS, Inc. since 1990

State Activities

  • Massachusetts State Director 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005
  • REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill Participant 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
  • Presented MAR’s RPAC distribution to Representative Daniel Bosley at Boston Fundraiser and attended on behalf of the Berkshire County REALTORS®
  • Attended reception for Senator Andrea F. Nuciforo to thank him for being the key player in the passage of the Agency Legislation
  • Participated in the Presidents’ Retreat, 2005
  • Presented MAR Charitable & Educational Foundation donation to Northern Berkshire Habitat for Humanity, with Debbie Dwyer 2005
  • Attends MAR sponsored programs and seminars
  • Earned the Massachusetts Certified Buyer Representative Designation (CBR), 2001

National Activities

  • Attended NAR Mid-Year Conventions in Washington DC 2004, 2005
  • Attended Leadership Summit in Chicago 2004
  • Attended National Convention in Orlando 2004
  • Registered for National Convention in San Francisco 2005
  • Consistent RPAC Contributor

Civic Affairs

  • Supporting member of the Friends of the North Adams Library
  • Supporting Member of the North Adams Historical Society
  • Lifetime Member of the Girl Scouts of the USA
  • Presented with the Girl Scouts ‘Thanks Badge’, the highest Award bestowed upon an adult member
  • Member of the Williamstown Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the Berkshire Chamber of Commerce

Business Accomplishments:

Increasing the awareness of young people about the values of a good financial future has always been paramount to me. With Rebecca Gold (new Sales Associate with RCI Real Estate), I have started speaking to high school students. I recently spent a morning class taking with a group of upperclassmen at Mount Greylock Regional High School . We talked about the value of home ownership and I impressed upon them the importance of getting and maintaining good credit to insure a healthy financial future.

We received many thank you notes from the students which only reinforced how much young people appreciate strong financial guidance early on.

I am hoping to continue this venture to awaken their young minds.

Through RCI Real Estate, Lynne speaks with High School students about the values of a good financial future, home ownership and the importance of maintaining good credit. In the northern Berkshire community, Lynne is supporting member of the Friends of North Adams Library and the North Adams Historical Society. She is a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts of the USA where she was presented with the ‘Thanks Badge’, the highest award bestowed upon an adult member. She is a member of the Williamstown and Berkshire Chambers of Commerce.

Lynne primarily works out of the RCI Real Estate Williamstown branch on Main Street and makes her home in North Adams with her husband Ed. They have two grown children and one granddaughter.

As the 2005 Berkshire County Realtor of the Year, Lynne will now be competing for the Massachusetts REALTOR of the Year title at the Massachusetts Awards Ceremony in September. The following REALTOR® members from Berkshire County have brought home this state award four times since its inception; the late Ester Quinn (1986), Nancy Kalodner (1988), Debbie Dwyer (1998) and Sherry Street (2001).