2005 Good Neighbor Award Recipient, Mel Greenberg

Hip-Hip-Horray for Mel Greenberg!

The Berkshire County Board of REALTORS® proudly announces that Mel Greenberg of Alford Farm Realty has been named the Berkshire’s ‘GOOD NEIGHBOR AWARD WINNER’ for his outstanding contributions to the community. Mel is the founder of Berkshires Bounty, through which he collects food from localmelbreakingbreadkitchen1 vendors and distributes service organizations throughout the area.

Mel founded Berkshire Bounty with the vision that one passionate person could inspire others to contribute time, resources and more importantly, food – to help those in need. This organization serves many other organizations in the community that are committed to feeding and sheltering those less fortunate.

His contributions extend to the following non-profit organizations that reap the rewards of his hard work: The Peoples Pantry, Breaking Bread Soup Kitchen, Interfaith Committee of Southern Berkshire, Construct, Inc., Heverh of Southern Berkshire, The Senior Center and the REALTOR Southern Berkshire Council.

Berkshire Bounty handles the massive undertaking of collecting and providing food for the following organizations. Not only the founder, Mel works in also facets of this enterprise. He donates time, resources and has enrolled other to join him in this endeavor.

“Several years ago, Mel Greenberg told me about establishing Berkshire’s Bounty and the People’s Pantry. He asked if I would be interested in working with him to collect the food from local markets. Mel got together a group of volunteers to make the rounds of the markets every Thursday morning collecting many boxes of fruits and vegetables as well as milk and bread.

He has organized the project, gotten replacements when necessary and driven his truck to Big Y, the Co-op market, Guido’s Great Barrington Bagel and the Corn Crib. Energetic, cheerful and determined, he has been the heart and soul of this project since it’s inception. Mel and his crew have moved literally tons of food, proving for the needs of many, many people… Mel is a real mensch.” – Marion Adler.

Peoples Pantry
provides weekly free food shopping to those in need, with donations collected by Berkshire Bounty. The Peoples Pantry, housed in St. Peter’s Parish Center is open every Thursday for ‘shopping’ at no charge. It is a blessing to those who partake of its goods. Our community has many non-working people and many working poor. This segment of our community is greatly served by this food source. Mel developed the People’s Pantry and served as president for four years. He also arranges for food pick-up, makes financial contributions and is a hands-on participant in their service.

Construct, Inc. provides homeless assistance and shelter. They help individuals and families bridge the gap between jobs and between having no place to live and finding one. Through this organization, those who need it were guided through the food stamp process. Mel helped to secure their location taking no fee, supports all of their fundraising efforts and helped to initiate a food stamp program for those in need of it.

“Mel has been an annual participant in our Walk for the Homeless, a fundraiser held each fall to raise money to present homelessness. One year, when we ran out of emergency funds to prevent homelessness in February, the deepest, darkest time of year, Mel volunteered to do a letter writing campaign for Construct and quickly raised $9,000 to assist families through the spring.

… Mel has been a hard-working, ‘roll-up-your-sleeves-and-jump-right-in’ kind of hands-on volunteer, getting food to those in need. Mel is not only hard-working and passionate about alleviating the street and pain of poverty, he is an envisioned, a shaker and a mover. He has what it takes to make a difference in his community. He see the issue. He sees how to address the issue. And he moves into action, motivating others. Most importantly, he does it with a bright and broad smile that radiates hopefulness to those around him.” – Cara Davis, Executive Director.

Hervreh of Southern Berkshire
has been very active in providing for those less fortunate. Much good comes from religious institutions working together. Mel inspired and worked with Hervreh’s volunteer Social Action Committee to work with People’s Pantry in providing food ‘shopping’ opportunities for those in need.

“Mel is well known in our synagogue for his commitment to social justice and the plight of the poor. He chaired our Social Action Committee for a few years while becoming involved in the Peoples Panty at St. Peter’s Church. He serves as chair of our Property Management Committee, served on our House Committee, is responsible for all of the audio visual equipment in our temple and works with our High Holiday Committee. Mel is also always ready to provide help in moving, repairing or rebuilding anything that pertains to our synagogue. Indeed, Mel is a valuable member of Hevreh and we could not function as well as we do without him.” – Martin Levine, President

Interfaith Committee of Southern Berkshire hosts Community Interfaith Thanksgiving Dinners. It is an active, viable group of people representing many faith groups and organizations, and endeavors to bring people together in peace and understanding. Many events and programs are offered to the community to help foster religious understanding and tolerance.

I write to Salute Mel Greenberg, a fellow citizen and co-worker in the causes of Interfaith dialogue and community service to many local residents. For over 5 years Mel was the President of our Committee of Southern Berkshire, which has 30 members from local Houses of Worship (Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Bahai, Etc..) [In addition to all of the works mentioned above] Mel has also promoted the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Services and stimulated our interest in the annual Songs of Praise concerts held each year.

All of these things Mel has done while running a reputable real estate business and taking care of his llamas and family. Mel Greenberg, in a word, might be described as our community’s “Mr. Interfaith” as well as “Mr. Compassionate” based on his leadership in many local ministries in our midst. – The Reverend Roger G. Imhoff Jr.

Southern Berkshire Realtor® Council provides the volunteer support for Construct programs, provides monthly dinner volunteers for the Breaking Bread kitchen and collects for the Peoples pantry.