How to Run Production Reports

Many members have been calling about production reports – to find out how they did in 2022 compared to their officemates or the rest of the board… or how their office did. As staff, we rarely promote this feature because it brings about the most amounts of complaint and problems – you must clearly describe how you obtained your claim if you use the data in marketing materials. #1 is a very loose term. #1 in what, where and how. It  also requires a disclaimer of where and when you obtained that data. So, with that caution – and remember the Code of Ethics is the most important part of presenting a “true picture” for the consumers, here are the instructions for running this report in FlexMLS. We don’t have the bandwidth to assist everyone with the same data so here we go…

  • In the FlexMLS Menu, go to “Statistics” and then | “Inventory and Production”
  • Find “Saturation Analysis” and click “Run Report
  • The next part is the tricky part – where you filter and search on the regions, types and locations you want to compare.
  • At the bottom under Report Chosen: Saturation Comparison Types pick “Market Share” and set the dates of your search
  • You determine what you want to rank – members, offices/companies (those with more than one office) or just your office.
  • You can chose how your report calculates: by Units or by Dollar volume.
  • You will also need to determine what types of sales you want to compare – listing or selling is the most common to assess sales ranking, but there are other options.

Please remember article 12 of the Code of Ethics says, REALTORS® shall be honest and truthful in their real estate communications and shall present a true picture in their advertising, marketing, and other representations.  And also remember your colleagues will be seeing your advertising and reporting any discrepancies. And finally remember that consumers typically want to know what you will DO FOR THEM, so focus on that!