Quick Question Learning – Reverse Prospecting

I listed a property in the MLS and I just know there are buyers working with my colleagues who would be interested in it.  How can I make sure those REALTORS know about this listing?   Click for your answer

Reverse Prospecting

In the MLS database there is the ability to run a Reverse Prospecting search.  This module is designed to match potential buyers with your listings.  The function starts by taking a particular listing and search through all the Saved Searches in the MLS that have contact names attached to them to see if any of the searches match this listing.  Once a match is returned, the name of the MLS member that has set up the search and contact will be returned in the search results.  The names of the contacts themselves are not displayed.

To run a Reverse Prospecting search, click on the Reverse Prospecting link under the Contacts menu.  All listings under your control will appear.  Check the listings for which you would like to have the system search for a matching contact and click the Run Reverse Prospecting button to return matches.  If there are any matches for those listings, the MLS members who entered in the search and contact will be returned in the matches.

You can watch this short video tutorial from FlexMLS for step by step instructions as well.