Photo Policy: No Humans or Pets

In March, the MLS Board updated the photo policy submission to exclude listing photos that contain human models or pets. No kids, homeowners or fluffy please!  Note: this policy is meant to address clever marketing tools and privacy issues. We have seen models appearing in photos, adorable kids and pets posed, photos of tenants (without their permission) etc… the intent is to make sure the photos focus on the home’s features only.   Outdoor wildlife or showing property features (chicken coop, for example) would be allowable under this policy.

The Berkshire Multiple Listing Service requires submission of a reasonable number of photographs or other graphic representations that accurately depict listed property. (A minimum of one photo / sketch display is mandatory for each property listing. The picture should provide additional information about the listing. For example: exterior photo(s) of the structure, interior photo(s) of the rooms, view photo(s) taken on the listed property, lot rendering and/or floor plan, if appropriate. Any photo submitted must be of / taken from the actual property.

  • The Participant shall ensure that photos uploaded to the system do not infringe or violate any patents, copyrights, mask work rights, trademarks, trade secrets or other proprietary rights of any third party.
  • Photos may not contain any visible reference to brokerage/agent information directly or indirectly, and will be removed if uploaded.  The photos cannot include human models or pets in the photos.
  • Under Construction / To Be Built: Photo(s) must be clearly marked as such, on both the proposed photo / sketch submitted and in the remarks of the listing. A detailed sketch or rendering will be acceptable and should clearly state that it is proposed. Photo(s) taken from the actual land or a proposed floor plan marked as such are also acceptable.
  • Condominium: Interior photo(s), a view photo (if appropriate) taken from the unit, or a floor plan of the unit is acceptable. A photo of the signpost in front of the development or a floor plan is not acceptable as the only photo.

Land listings: A map of the property or a photo of the view from the property is acceptable.