Zillow Housing Trends Report

Zillow’s Consumer Housing Trends Report Released

The Zillow Consumer Housing Report has been released and is free to download for anyone interested.  Just some of the interesting facts cited: Half of home buyers in the U.S. are under 36, meaning a new generation—Millennials—are shaping the future of real estate.   Did you know that while searching for a home, more than half of all home buyers (52 percent) also considered renting, with almost one quarter looking at the option seriously.  Having data about rent-versus-own seems like an important factor to know! Surprisingly, the research found that the older the buyer, the faster they expect an agent to respond to their initial inquiry. Over half of Silent Generation buyers expect agents to get back to them within a few hours, it’s not the young buyers! In addition to searching online and using agents, Millennials rely on their personal networks. They’re the generation most likely to turn to a friend, neighbor, or relative to inform their home search, so having a great reputation is key! Loads more data is in the report, check it out yourself.