Your Mantra: 2 Business Days

We’re sending out a quick reminder that your mantra should be ‘2 Business Days’.  What do we mean by that?  Well, just this:

  • You’ve just gotten that new listing!  Within 2 business days of seller’s signature you must enter the listing into the MLS and send your listing paperwork into the Board Office for verification.  Paperwork can be email to:, or faxed to 413-448-2852.
  • You’re listing expired but the seller authorized an extension of the list date.  Because its already expired in the MLS, you can not extend under the same MLS#.  You are able to do a full copy of your expired listing, and create a new MLS#.  (Under the Add/Change menu option.)  A new MLS#…send your paperwork to the Board Office for verification within 2-business days.  If the listing expired within the last 30-days you can use a modification to the Exclusive Right to Sell Contract, and use the original listing date for continuity of Days on Market.  If the listing expired more than 30-days ago you will need to obtain a new Exclusive Right to Sell contract and can begin the Days on Market effective the seller’s signature date.
  • Status change… Under Agreement, Pending, Etc.  Please make the appropriate changes to the database within 2 business days of the executed Purchase and Sale Agreement.  This post will explain the difference between Under Agreement and Pending.
  • Sold…Congratulations!!  Please report it within 2 business days of the closing.

If you have any questions about the appropriate procedure please don’t hesitate to contact the office by phone at 413-442-8049 or email the staff.

Thank you!