Who do we report as the selling agent? Teams or People?

We all love good data, and it’s an important part of understanding trends and sale information.  So recently we’ve received a question from a listing broker who was asked to change the selling agent name to a selling team name.  That is fine with the rules because we now only allow you to report one selling agent in the MLS, so having it the team name INSTEAD of the agent name is ok – not acceptable when there were requests for the agent name PLUS the team name.  There is no double dipping on sales, only one can claim a sale – either an agent working alone or a team working together. Hope that helps clarify.  Also, team members should also remember that the team name must be secondary to the brokerage name in all representations.  Brokerage is the lead – you must make it clear that you represent your firm when communicating, marketing or advertising.  Thanks!