Welcome to our January 2016 Membership Report

We took a little time off while dues billing was in full swing, and are now reporting to you knowing that we still have pending renewals coming in.  We billed out for 468 members, and so far, 410 have paid, we have 14 provisional members, with 8 new members already in 2016.  We have 566 users in the MLS currently, but that number will drop as we finish with dues collections and drop non-paying members by 2/15/16.  Overall, it seems as though our budget figures were right on target to take us through 2016.  Here are the individual details of those on the move…

By the numbers:

# REALTORS (470 budgeted, 468 billed) 410
# REALTORS Unpaid (In collections 37
# REALTOR Resignations 28
# New Applicants paying in 2016 8
# Provisional Members 14
# Closed Offices 3
# New Offices 1
# Affiliates Paid to Date (24 budgeted)  12
# Platinum Sponsors Paid (6 budgeted) 3
# Advertiser Sponsors (20 budgeted) 6
# Basic Affiliates (None budgeted)  3
# Appraiser Affiliates (18 budgeted) 10
# MLS Users (560 budgeted) 566

Billing Stats

  • We will collect dues with late fees through February 15, when the non-paying members will be dropped from the MLS.  Those who wish to regain access and membership will be required to pay a reinstatement fee, partially split with MAR.
  • We had 50 Members take advance of the payment plan.
  • As part of dues billing, 187 Members contributed $4,655.00 to the Issues Mobilization REALTORS Political Action Fund.  Last year (in total for the year) we raised $6,330, with three major investors contributing $1,000 each.  This year, 73% of our leadership contributed, with 7 of the 26 leaders opting out.

 New Office

  • Maple Street Realty, Stockbridge, DR Robert Daley

New Berkshire Member DR (was MLS Only)

  • Charles Reiter………………. Keller Williams            (Local Only)

Offices No Longer in MLS

  • Stateline Realty…………….. Carl McKinney, Clarksburg
  • Storybook Homes…………. Corinne McKeown, Great Barrington
  • Berkshire Woods Realty…Mary and Don Turek

Change of DR

  • John Lake……………………. Woodmonte Development Company (in place of Al Scalise).

Welcome to Our Provisional Members

Jaqueline Aubuchon Keller Williams 10/14/2015
Marie Bourassa Roberts and Associates 1/4/2016
John Burns Berkshire Access Realty 10/8/2015
Evan Collins Stone House Properties 1/9/2016
Robert Daley Maple Street Realty 11/23/2015
Andrea Duta Assist 2 Sell Realty 9/17/2015
John Lake Woodmonte Development 1/28/16
Kellie Perrault Scalise Realty 12/21/2015
Adam Perusse Century21 Franklin Street 10/20/2015
JoAnna Phillips Wm Brockman Real Estate 8/20/2015
Emily Piacquadio Lance Vermeulen RE 12/17/2015
Shana Powell Signature Associates 12/31/2015
Kathy Quinn Tucker Associates 8/28/2015
Antonia Segala Lance Vermeulen RE 1/28/2015
Jennifer Showalter The Kinderhook Group; Pittsfield 6/30/2015

So long to many long time members…

Jason Carchetti Century 21 Franklin Street Resigned
Jim Briggs Harsch Realty Resigned
David Walker Price Wheeler & Talyor Retired
Florence Browner Florence Browner Retired
Corrine Mckeown Storybook Homes Moved
Mary Turek Berkshire Woods Realty Retired
Don Turek Berkshire Woods Realty Retired
Meg Ward Signature Associates Retired
Scott Wheeler Dayspring REALTORS Resigned
Wendy Joyce Clark Realty Group Resigned
Laura Hazen Piretti Real Estate Resigned
Al Scalise Woodmonte Development Resigned
Robert Borden Landvest Retired
Debra Burchard Old County Properties Resigned
Matthew Day William Pitt Sotheby’s International Resigned
Susan Foulds Roberts & Associates Realty, Inc. Resigned
Richard Gillespie Dayspring REALTORS Resigned
William Harrington Stone House Properties, Inc. Resigned
Dorian Held Wheeler & Talyor Retired
Kate Hold LJ Stark, Real Estate Resigned
Glenn Johansson Century 21 Hearthstone Realtors Resigned
Wendy Joyce Clark Realty Group Resigned
Franklin Lewis McLean REALTORS Resigned
Leslie Luppino Dayspring REALTORS Resigned
Carl McKinney State Line Realty Resigned
Sarah Nichols Signature Associates Resigned
Ellen Pollen Berkshire Properties Resigned
Lynn Rist Roberts & Associates Realty, Inc. Resigned