Want to know more about the New Flexmls Portal?

The portal changes can help you put your best foot forward for your clients and provide them with a service that rivals all others. Learn about this updated, free system that puts your branding front and center for all of your client searches and notices…. and gives them information as quickly and more accurately than outside websites.

Click to View One of The  Recorded Classes:

  • What’s the big deal about the new customer Portal? (2:42 minutes)
  • Turning on New Portals : A quick overview of how to turn the Portal on and some of the new Portal Preferences (14 min)
  • Using New Portals: A more in depth look at the new portals (50 min)
  • Portals FAQ: A summary of the changes that consumers will see when switching to New Portals (18 min)
  • Flexmls Consumer App: Help your customers make their home search more efficient and more personal by encouraging them to use the new Flexmls app for iPhone. Their app functions as a portal providing up-to-date listing information directly from the MLS – in this session, see the advantages of the app in action, including push notifications of listing updates, saving listings, easy communication with you as their agent, and more.
  • Choose Your Portal: In this 45-minute session, we’ll go over how the Portal is used, and review the features of the original and updated portals to help you make the best use of this important tool for communicating with your customers.
  • Train the Trainer – Portals: In this trainer-focused session on the new Flexmls Portals, take a more detailed look at the Settings that control the Portal, and look at before and after comparisons for the agent and the consumer.

Want to help your clients get the most out of their Portal? Click to View and Share These Videos with Them:

Download the Flexmls Pro App for iPhone or Flexmls Pro for Android.