Visits with Congressman Neal

Berkshire leaders [President Maureen McFarland, CEO Sandy Carroll, Government Affairs Chair Franz Forster, MAR Director Barbara Osborne] joined the Pioneer Valley Board this week to meet with Congressman Richie Neal. We talked about the impact of the presidential elections on pending and future legislation (look out for changes to tax system and financial services regardless of who is elected).

It will be so important going into next year to continue to remind legislators that housing tax incentives must be preserved.  More than 75% of homeowners utilize the Mortgage Interest Deduction and for many that deduction is substantial…  NAR estimates that eliminating the deduction would cause an 11% price drop in home values.  We also discussed the need for a sensible solution to the GE/EPA clean up of the Housatonic River.  The Congressman has been working with both organizations, and our local legislators and will keep our Government Affairs Committee apprised of the developments.  Congressman Neal was given an RPAC donation on behalf of the National Association of REALTORS.