URGENT: It’s YOUR Responsibility to Secure Property

Sorry for the harsh message,. but it’s so important that everyone takes note:

It is incredibly important that buyer’s agents NEVER give a lockbox code, key hiding place or access to anyone – not other professionals and especially not to buyers. 

EVER.  You are responsible, as a buyer’s agent, to make sure that the property is secure both upon entering and exiting a home if access was provided to you for a buyer client, as a courtesy by the seller’s broker.  Leaving doors unlocked or showing or sharing a lockbox combination is NEVER allowed.

As more listing agents are allowing buyer’s agents to handle showings unaccompanied due to corona virus, we have heard increasing reports of carelessness – agents forgetting to re-secure a home, with unlocked doors the most common complaint.

Today, a rental scammer actually had a Pittsfield home’s lockbox code and used it to scam a family out of rental money and provided the lockbox code so they moved into a vacant (Not for Rent) home that was listed for sale. In this case, I am sad to say, that the only parties who knew the lockbox code were buyer’s agents who made showing requests.

The police are now involved, and they are working with the broker to resolve the situation. 

We urge you to be extremely careful about your responsibilities for showing properties during this time – you must safeguard the properties from the coronavirus, but also through basic common-sense security practices.

Bottom Line:  If you are given access to a home for a specific date and time, you alone are the only individual that may open the home using that device AT THE APPOINTED TIME.  You may not give the code out, nor may you reuse the code without showing permission from the listing broker on further appointments.  This is a VERY SERIOUS MATTER.

Your license and your future in the real estate business depend upon it.  

Any questions, comments or complaints, please contact Sandy Carroll Sandy@BerkshireRealtors.org,