Urgent Call for Action: Energy Scoring / Labeling

Legislation recently passed by the Senate will potentially impact the Real Estate Industry in Berkshire County in a negative way.  A slightly different version of the bill will come before the House before the close of session, on July 31st.  A conference committee has been formed to attempt to reconcile the two versions and our own, Ben Downing, author of the Senate bill, is sitting on this committee.  It is imperative that he hear from Berkshire REALTORS.  Please ACT now to tell our legislators we do NOT want energy testing and scores included in the Energy Diversity legislation to be reconciled by a conference committee.

Following is a message from the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS President, Annie Blatz:

I am hoping that you can help me protect our industry against harmful legislation that is moving through the state legislature right now. Massachusetts Realtors need to pay attention.

Two weeks ago, we asked you to contact your legislator to oppose the mandatory energy auditing and scoring provisions that were included in the Massachusetts Senate’s Energy Diversity Legislation. Unfortunately, the fight continues. On June 30th, despite the efforts of Realtors, the Senate rejected our amendment to strike the mandatory energy auditing and scoring provisions from the bill and passed it unanimously. The bill is now before a conference committee, which is tasked with reconciling the House bill, which did not include the energy audits and scoring mandate, with the Senate bill. This committee should reach consensus on a final bill before the end of the formal session on July 31st.

Please contact your state representative TODAY and tell them to make it clear to members of the energy diversity conference committee taking up the bill that provisions requiring mandatory energy scoring and labeling should not be included in the final energy legislation.

Why You Should Care

If enacted into law:

  • Homes would be required to be inspected and labeled based on their energy efficiency;
  • The rating and labeling system would include information about a dwelling’s energy costs and energy consumption and would be required to be available at the time of a listing a home; and
  • This information would be tracked and reported by the state government.

The House-Senate conference committee working on this bill will likely finalize the language before the legislature adjourns on July 31st, so there is no time to waste.

These requirements would have negative impacts on Massachusetts’ old housing stock, particularly in our low- and moderate-income communities where homeowners cannot afford to make upgrades. Instead of focusing on ways to incentivize all homeowners to make energy efficient upgrades to their home, these requirements would complicate the already complicated process of buying and selling a home.

It’s up to us. If Realtors like you and me don’t make our voices heard, these requirements could become law. Please stand with me and oppose this proposal by contacting your legislator immediately.

Click here for more information about the legislation.

Thank you, for your attention to this critical issue that should matter to all of us.

Annie Blatz, 2016 MAR President