Stop Congress From Taking Money From Future Homeowners

Thanks to the 11% of our members who responded so far… and now for the rest of the Berkshire REALTORs who are concerned with housing stability – we please ask you to tell your legislators  that you to oppose any attempt by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to use Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s credit risk guarantee fees (g-fees) to fund transportation legislation.  These fees are used to protect Fannie & Freddie against losses from faulty loans, and should be used only to manage the companies’ credit risks…. not expenses unrelated to housing.   Sure, we all understand the need to reauthorize the highway programs and help strengthen our country’s infrastructure. However, use of an extended g-fee to fund transportation programs saddles future homeowners with an unnecessary long-term burden, and prevent Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from effectively managing their risk.  Respond to the Call-to-Action today on this important housing matter – it only takes 30 seconds to make a huge impact!