South View Condominiums: A Message from the Board of Managers

Ben Kaplan, treasurer of the South View Condominiums Board of Managers has asked that we share information about a misconception regarding pets in the condo community.  They write:

“We would like to clarify what we consider a misconception in the Berkshire County Realty Community about our Association.  We do allow pets in our condominium community.  Our rules & regulations state the following: “Common household pets, such as dogs and cats may be kept in Units if allowed in writing by the entire Board of Managers.  If allowed, the owner of a pet assumes full liability for all damages to all persons or property and to the Condominium Association caused by such pet.”  All other City Ordinances hold true, such as dogs being leashed at all times.

Like other Associations, we have written remedies for complaints stemming from any nuisance from said pets.

We have noticed MLS listings stating we do not accept pets; this in (sic) not true.  Please inform your membership of such policy and feel free to contact me with any questions.”

Mr. Kaplan has provided his cell phone number should you have questions about the rules and regulations for South View Condominiums or about the process for receiving written permission for a pet from the Board of Managers.  Please feel free to contact him at 413-441-0397.