Sober Showings

Sadly, complaints have been coming into the board office regarding agents who show up at listing appointments impaired by drugs or alcohol.  While it’s a good idea to talk to your broker about how best to handle such situations when they occur and use your conscience as your guide if allowing them to drive away, you should know that during work, Realtors MAY NOT be impaired by drugs, alcohol or any other reason.   It’s a matter of Massachusetts license law.  Slurring, tripping and hard to understand speech have been reported and there is genuine concerns about client welfare and general safety with driving.  Not to mention what is being said and/or not said (disclosed)! We make no judgements about the battles many face with addiction, but this profession requires full facilities at work in order to safe guard clients, the massive financial investment you are entrusted to protect, the physical properties and the public you serve.  We don’t govern license law locally, but you are welcome to reach out if you need assistance working through a situation, or can file a complaint for ongoing issues that you feel jeopardize the public directly with the Board of Registration. For this, or any complaint to be made to the Board of Registration that governs licensure, you can file a complaint online or by mail.   3.00: Professional Standards of Practice, 254 MA ADC 3.00, 14 (a) – that says “no broker or salesperson shall practice while his/her ability to do so is impaired by drugs, alcohol or other reason.” Be safe everyone, we care about you.