Signs Must be Placed with Permission

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times and we don’t really know how else to explain why it’s just not cool to place a lawn sign anywhere except on the property for sale.  It’s making your fellow REALTORS so frustrated, and we’re getting calls all of the time.  PLEASE, PLEASE remember you can only place for sale signs (or arrow) with the express permission of the landowner where it is posted.  It is NOT acceptable to post signs on City/Town land found at the edge of the street, at the end of the street, on median strips without the permission of the town (and most have codes that prohibit this practice).  Most areas make exceptions for signs placed temporarily for a few hours to promote an open house, but permanent signs are a whole different story. Not only will improperly placed signs be removed, you will be subject to fines and we are notified at the Board Office to try to curb continued violations.  Flouting town rules makes us all look bad and jeopardizes your ability to continue to use lawn signs at all.  Please be the example and place them property – period. If you see a sign out of place, please email the Board Office with the location of the sign so that we may bring it to the Designated REALTORS attention.  Thank you!