September is REALTOR Safety Month

How can you stay safe while doing what you love?  Personal safety is a concern for REALTORS, as we’ve seen in the news lately.  But have you thought about data security, identity theft, automobile maintenance and more?  As a broker-owner do you have an established safety plan for your office and your associates?  How do you protect yourselves and your sellers and buyers?

The National Association has developed a free REALTOR Safety Program, consisting of four separate webinars on topics of importance:



There’s also a terrific video from NAR entitled “Window to the Law: Implementing Office Safety Measures: Legal Considerations”, in which Associate Counsel Jessica Edgerton presents legal tips and best practices for brokerages to take into consideration when implementing safety programs and policies to help agents stay safe.  Simply click on the video below to watch:


You can also find a great list of REALTOR resources, such as apps and products; read articles; and plan your safety strategy on numerous safety topics.

Finally, NAR is offering a paid-for webinar: “Real Estate Safety Matters: Safe Business = Smart Business at a cost of $20.00.  This online three-hour course teaches real estate professionals how to limit risk and increase safety for themselves and their clients. Students will learn how to assess potential risks and develop safety protocols for client meetings, open houses, showings, online interactions, and other business activities.



As Sgt. Esterhaus on Hill Street Blues always said at the end of roll call … “Be safe Out There”!