Send the message to Boston… WE NEED BROADBAND!

The Government Affairs Committee has determined that advocating for broadband is one of our 2 priorities this year. We need broadband NOW in order to remain an economically and educationally viable area – please help make our collective Western MA voice heard. We are asking the Governor restart the project, release the already committed funds and work with our communities to build our broadband network now! Fiber-optic is the only technology solution that will last the test of time, with the speeds and capacity to carry us well into this new century of communication.  Here are three things you can do:

1. CLICK HERE to sign the petition. Make sure each adult in your household signs it.
2. FORWARD this email containing the petition to your friends and family across the state, and across the nation.
3. SHARE the petition on your Facebook page or any other social media sites you use.

Thank you!