REMINDER: Time is Drawing Near for New Billing Procedures. We need you to act now!

As reported back in May, the MLS Board of Directors, at the request of a large continent of broker-owners, has elected to begin billing agents directly for their monthly MLS subscription, rather than billing through the broker-owner.  MLS in now requiring that a debit or credit card be placed on file for autodrafting of fees.  This notice has appeared on the MLS several times, but we only have about 30% of all agents’ information.  PLEASE contact the Board Office by phone, or complete the form provided below and mail it back to our office to ensure no interruption in MLS services.  Details of the May post can be found below:

[Posted May 31st]

Starting July 1st, the MLS Board voted to begin automatically charging for MLS services per month, on an agent basis (instead of to the offices).  In the next few weeks, you will be provided with a simple notice on the MLS popup that will require you to agree to place a credit card on file for an automatic charge of $30 on or about the first of each month.  This automatic charge will be made until you tell us to stop, with at least 15 days notice of termination before the next charge is to be drawn.  We did not create an online credit card form for you to send in, because we feared that everyone would just email it back to us (which is not secure and you would be putting yourselves at risk of credit card theft or identify theft!)  Instead, all agents will be required to call our office with the number or mail / drop authorization to us before July 1st for continued access.  If you PINKY SWEAR you will not email the form, here is a credit card authorization you can mail or drop off.. or just give us a call! 413-442-8049. DO NOT EMAIL. Brokers with questions or who would like to request alternative automatic credit options should call the Board Office staff to make arrangements now before the crush.  Thank you.