2018 REACT Taskforce

REACT Feeds 130 Hungry

The REACT Committee purchased, prepared and served a delicious summer vegetable soup and sandwich meal to 130 hungry men, women and children in conjunction with the St. Joseph Soup kitchen and the South Congregational Church in Pittsfield.  The need for nutritious meals is great.  At the end of July in 2018, St. Joe Soup Kitchen had served 2,370 meals.  As of the same time this year, that number skyrocketed to 4,291, a number tallied before the REALTORS served their meal.

Thank you to all who participated in this heartwarming meal!  While the St. Joe soup kitchen can certainly use your food or monetary donations, please consider donating to your favorite food pantry or soup kitchen.  There is no doubt your donation will make a difference.

Mark Harris, Sue O’Brien, Wendy Smith
Julie Dieterich
Sue O’Brien, Mark Harris
Sandy Carroll, Cortney Dupont, Debbie Dwyer, Carol McNeil, Sherry Street, Wendy Smith, Sue O’Brien

Not pictured but indispensable: Cristian Sanchez and Mary Jane Dunlop.