Database Field Descriptions

As our database expands to meet our market needs, there are several fields that may give you pause. For your assistance, we are offering detailed descriptions of property input selections to help – here we have definations for the “Land Use” field, including meanings of 61A, APR, Grove and more.

Land Use Definitions:
61A Land deemed agricultual or horticultural for assessment and taxation purposes, defined in Chapter 61A of Mass General Law
61B Land deemed recreational for use, assessment and taxation purposes, defined in Chapter 61B of Mass General Law
APR Agricultural Preservation Restriction Program, voluntary option of protecting farmland from future development by placing a deed restriction on the land to preclude any use of the property that will have a negative impact on its agricultural viability
Dairy Farm Moo. A farm for producing milk and milk products, from cows, sheep, goats, etc.
Farm Land Arable land that is worked by plowing and sowing and raising crops
Grove A small wood or forested area, usually with no undergrowth
Hobby Farm A small farm that is maintained without expectation of being a primary source of income
Horses Allowed Land zoning that allows for horse activities. Note: Regs can restrict horse activies, such as Mass drinking water regulations do not allow stabling, hitching, standing, feeding or grazing within 100 feet of a tributary to a drinking water supply.
Orchards An area of land devoted to the cultivation of fruit or nut trees.
Pasture A field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock
Poultry Farm An area of land that is used for the production eggs, chickens, turkeys, and ducks or specialize in poultry production
Row Crops An area of land that is planted in strips of agricultural crops, such as corn and soybeans, that are grown in rows
Scenic Mtn Act A provision that may be adopted by a city or town to impose additional building regulations on mountainous regions.
Tree Farm A privately owned forest (woodland) in which producing timber crops is a major management goal.
Watershed A geographic area of land in which all surface and ground water flows downhill to common point, such as a river, stream, pond, lake, wetland, or estuary.