Professional Courtesy and Safe Business Practices

In our busy world of tight schedules, conflicting appointments and other work and family pressures, its important to remember that professional courtesies are a must that will help us all get through our days, and transactions with less stress and conflict.  While its understandable that some situations are unavoidable, please keep in mind that consumers, customers and fellow REALTORS are counting on you.

  • Follow the Golden Rule
  • Communicate with all parties
  • Promptly reply to phone calls, emails, texts and all inquiries
  • Have back up coverage to assist when you are not available
  • Call immediately if you are delayed or must cancel an appointment
  • Show courtesy, trust and respect for other real estate professionals

These are just a few of the many recommendations set out by the National Association of REALTORS in their publication, Pathways to Professionalism.  Please feel free to download your copy here.

As a quick example of a situation that currently arose:  Two REALTORS work together as a team, and they always go with one another on appointments, especially if they are unfamiliar with the buyer or the buyer’s agent is unable to attend a showing.  In this instance, the buyer’s agent was to be present at the showing with an otherwise unknown customer so the team members felt comfortable with only one going to open the home.  Lo and behold, the buyer’s agent did not show for the appointment, did not call, and the REALTOR was left alone at a showing with an individual she did not know.  It was an uncomfortable situation, and could have been eliminated if the buyer’s agent had contacted the listing agents to let them know s/he could not make the showing.  Arrangements for everyone’s safety could have been made.  Luckily, everything turned out well!

Please remember to communicate, communicate, communicate!