Paid Family & Medical Leave Webinar

Very Important!  As the law stands now, as of July Brokers must begin to collect for (and in some cases pay for) Family & Medical Leave benefits for 1099 MISC independent contractors paid by the brokerage.  MAR will be hosting a FREE webinar on Thursday, June 6 at 10:00AM to talk about the ramifications of this new law, and the open questions that remain. The  presenter, Attorney Steve Perry, partner in Casner & Edwards, LLP, will explain the components of the new Paid Family and Medical Leave law, review important dates, and discuss how the new legislation will affect Realtors® and your business.  Click HERE to register

Please note: This webinar will be recorded.  I would suggest you register even if you don’t think you will attend so that you will receive a copy of rercorded link