Paid Family Medical Leave

Paid Family and Medical Leave Exemption UPDATE

We’ve fielded a few questions this week about REALTOR’s obligations under the Paid Family Medical Leave Act.  Following is a post that appeared on the Mass Association’s blog in July sharing an exclusion for REALTORS:

The Department of Paid Family and Medical Leave issued official guidance excluding real estate services from the new Paid Family and Medical Leave law. The guidance is in line with arguments MAR made to the Department during the development of the regulations and clarifies the ambiguity in the final regulations. This is a welcomed conclusion to months of targeted advocacy work. Click here to view the guidance provided by the Department.  If you have any questions, contact the MAR Legal Hotline at (800) 370-5342.

As always, should you have any questions we encourage you to contact your accountant or attorney for further advice, clarification and counseling.