Oil Line Compliance Certificates

We’ve had many reports that Realtors are being asked to provide oil line certificates of compliance before the closing, at the request of some attorneys. We covered this issue at our SOS meetings last week, but for those that missed it, here are are four things that you should know about this request.

    • On systems installed after January 1, 1990, this compliance should have been part of the permit for the burner. A copy of permit indicating that the oil line is compliant and signed by the fire department should satisfy legal requirements. (permit example).
    • If the oil line has not been certified on the permit, oil technicians are legally required to fill out a certificate of compliance (certificate of compliance example) when initially inspecting and cleaning the system. This form is required to be given to the property owner and the fire department. If the owner does not have this form, you can contact the fire department to see if they have a copy on file (a minimal fee may be charged for a copy)
    • If a permit doesn’t indicate a compliant line exists and you can’t locate a certificate of compliance, if asked, the seller may have to have Oil Burner Technician visit the house and certify the line meets with state law before the closing.

Seller’s agents:  This is one more item that you may want to address at the beginning of the listing to make sure all the correct permit and paperwork is easily accessible. If you have any questions, all of the fire departments in Berkshire municipalities will help!