National Flood Insurance Program Update

Thank you to all Berkshire REALTORS who responded to the National Association of REALTORS call-to-action on the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  15% of our membership took action, placing us 5th out of 13 local associations to respond.  While we always hope for an overwhelming majority to lend their voice to these calls, we thank you for your support!

More than 121,000 REALTORS from across the National took action speaking in a unified voice and Congress responded.  On September 7th, the United States Senate passed a three-month extension of the NFIP – until December 8th.  The House of Representatives passed the legislation on September 8th and President Trump signed the bill into law the same day.

NAR will continue to advocate for long-term re-authorization.  We hope when you see the next call-to-action on NFIP that you’ll lend your voice again!