More E-Mail Hacking

A LOT of Realtors and Affiliates are being affected by email hacking.  Because of the sheer quantity, we are no longer not sending broadcast messages for each occurrence.  If you’ve been hacked:

  1. Immediately notify those in your address book. Make sure to enter your contacts in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) e-mail field so you don’t reveal the client email addresses to the world!
  2. Send the same alert via a FlexMLS Member Messages to those with whom you do business
  3. Hire a techie to scrub your machine to rid your system of any viruses, maleware, keystroke trackers, etc…
  4. Notify your Broker/DR of the hack, along with the list of any client data that could have been compromised
  5. Review the Massachusetts WISP policy to determine if the hack is reportable issue based on the small business written information security protocol.
  6. Read our previous article on how to protect your email better.  Might we suggest reading #6 to help ensure your email isn’t next?!