Internet Data Exchange (IDX) Q&A

Q. How is Internet Data Display achieved?

A. The Berkshire MLS has launched a free, secure way to take advantage of IDX, while protecting the accuracy of the MLS information and uniformity of updates and display. We have accomplished this by offering a smart-frame solution. A website frame is a combination of two or more web pages that have been designed to work together.

Q. Why should we let our listings be displayed on our competitors’ website?

A. Letting other Participants display listings on the Internet is a business decision each Participant must make, taking into account their duty to promote the best interests of their clients; to cooperate with other REALTORS; and the opportunity to use the Internet to better serve their clients and customers.

Q. If I want to authorize other Participants to display my listings under IDX, how do I do it?

A. You don’t need to do anything. The way the IDX program is structured, the consent of each Participant to permit display of their listings is assumed. If you choose not to permit display of your listings by other Participants, you simply notify the MLS that your consent is being withheld.

Q. Do I have to allow other Participants to display my listings on their websites?

A. No, Participants are free to withhold authority for such display.

If you prohibit the display of your office listings by other Participants, you may not display their listings on your website pursuant to the IDX program.

If an Office does not want to participate, the Broker Owner / Participant of MLS must submit an Opt-Out form, and may do so at any time. When you opt-out, all listings for your entire office are excluded from the on-line display. This will not affect your listing-by-listing choice to participate in When you choose to opt-out you cannot use, or permit your agents to use, any IDX compilation of listing information for internet display or marketing purposes.

Q. If I have a website and market my own listings, do I have to add other IDX listings to my website.

A. No, you always retain the right to determine what services you want to offer your web visitors.

You can also market your own listings in any manner that you wish. The rules we will speak of later will refer to the IDX listings only.

Q. Does IDX mean that confidential information will now be available to the public?

A. No. The MLS prohibits the display of information intended exclusively for other real estate professionals and not for consumers.