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Reporting a Sale with Concessions in the MLS

We’ve heard from you that there are some questions in the field about how to properly report the sale of property that involves concessions.  The concessions field was added a few years ago because it assist appraisers when they’re doing a work-up on a listing…they need to know if there was cash back, and why. 

zipLogix Webinar Based Training

Every day of the month, the pros at zipLogix provide a tutorial webinar.  They’ve separated these offerings out by level of user experience, so you know you’re getting training that’s just right for your current needs.  To view their calendar of events, or to register for a webinar, please go to their training calendar.  Happy

Sharing Passwords is MAJOR violation

We are in the process of notifying several agents / brokers that their FlexMLS user account shows multiple logins in multiple locations (sometimes accross the state or country) at the same time.  It could mean a password was hacked, or given out in a direct violation of our rules.  To safeguard the system – the

Dotloop Classroom Training in the Berkshires

Join us in the Board Office conference room for training on the e-signature platform, Dotloop.  Dotloop trainers will be on hand for two classes (same material – two different times) to become an expert ‘looper’. Training will include: editing forms, eSignatures, tasks, third party collaboration and more!  Whether your currently use the Dotloop program, or

From the Desk of Linda: Contact Information in Public Fields

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a marked increase in contact information entered into publicly displayed fields within the MLS.  Please remember, submission policies dictate that you cannot include Firm Name, Agent Name or contact information is the photos, public remarks or directions on a listing.  This defeats the purpose of printing a public

Please Vote: Confirm Map Geocode Location?

Back in February, we had a funny little post asking everyone to please make sure to map their listings. We also added a task to Linda’s checklist, to look for listings without geocoded map locations. The good news?  Only 10 active listings this month didn’t have a map location. The bad news?  We’ve just learned that many map locations are completely wrong.  A lot of them, in fact.  We have a setting where we can “Require Geocode Map Confirmation”… when entering a listing.  When this setting is on, the map will pop up after entering an address and you will be asked to click next to confirm the location of the pin on the map.  If it’s wrong, you can change it at that time… (see below for our previous post with easy instructions on how to be locate your pin location).  Love it or hate that idea?  Please VOTE!

Should the MLS turn on "Geocode Map Confirmation" when entering a listing?

If you liked it then you should’ve put a pin on it…

How to properly map your listings:  Ut-oh. We’ve heard that there are a lot of listings, especially land, where the map pin is in the wrong location or not geo-coded at all.  This does your client a huge disservice and is making it hard for cooperating brokers to find your property! It also puts these listings at a disadvantage on Zillow and syndication sites because they don’t appear in map searches, which is the primary way buyers locate homes. Check your listings please!  We have notified all who have unmapped listings, but if your pin is in the wrong place, we can’t tell. you having trouble knowing where exactly to locate the pin?  There are a few simple tricks…