Mill Town Capital Honored with Berkshire Beautification Award

The Berkshire Beautification Award is granted to any Berkshire property owner or company who has been involved in significantly restoring a home, building or development that lifts up the entire surrounding community. Neighborhood revitalization momentum can start when one property is improved. It is our pleasure to recognize Mill town Capital and congratulate their hard work that has a wider benefit for an entire community. Founded by Dave Mixer, Rebecca Weeks from Mill Town Capital accepted this award at our Awards Dinner on September 7th, 2022.

Mill Town at its core is a philanthropic company that works to make Pittsfield a better place to live and work. Mill Town’s real estate assets are purchased in geographic clusters to help revitalize entire neighborhoods. While we all know about the Bousquet renovations, but did you also know they were a part of so many improvements that impact the neighborhood around it:

  • Take Tyler Street in Pittsfield, where the company has accumulated 80 units of residential and commercial properties in a 4 block area of Tyler Street where they are working to refurbish buildings and create new streetscapes. Then they plan to sell them over time to homeowners so the funds can be redeployed in new neighborhoods. Talk about lifting a whole neighborhood in a key corridor of the city
  • They purchased 95 units of residential and commercial property in downtown Pittsfield to rehabilitate for rental housing with walkability and cool shops and restaurants.
  • They were a part of rehabilitating the trail network in Pittsfield’s Springside Park through a partnership with Greenagers.
  • They spearheaded a collaborative to create new literacy-themed gathering space called: Kellogg Park in the Morningside Neighborhood.
  • They are part of the renovation of the former American Legion post on Wendell house a much needed childcare center.

In Pittsfield you will see their community murals and beautification efforts. These are only a few of the projects that the awards committee considered to know this was an ideal reception for us to thank for all of their efforts for our community.

Thank you to Mill Town Capital for their investment in smart revitalization improvements and projects that lift up the whole neighborhood and community.