Living Above the Code: Pathways to Professionalism

As a REALTOR family, we all know that the Code of Ethics is seventeen Articles that raise the bar of professionalism we offer to our customers and clients.  The Code is broken into three main categories:  Duties to Clients and Customers; Duties to the Public and last but not least, Duties to REALTORS.  It is one of the highest regarded benefits of working with a REALTOR.

But, what about those instances where our actions, or reactions, are not guided by the Code of Ethics?  The National Association of REALTORS has created a document entitled: “Pathways to Professionalism“, a list of professional courtesies intended to be used by REALTORS on a voluntary basis.  While they are basic in their outline, a review will assist you to excel in your profession.  It’s worth taking a look.

Pathways to Professionalism