Listing Submission Reminder

Key to submitting a listing to the MLS is the fact that it is exclusively listed with a REALTOR member.  Please remember, for an exclusive right to sell or an exclusive agency agreement to be valid, all signatures must be obtained.  These are two-party contracts, meaning they are not valid (and therefore you do not have an exclusive right to list the property) until the seller(s) and the broker of record have signed the form.

Lately, we are hearing “oh, I’m waiting for the broker’s signature” when we notify an agent that their contract is not valid.  According to the submission policy of the MLS, these listing should not be entered into the Service.

During the process of verifying data entry, if we find a listing that has been entered without all signatures we will contact the listing agent and the broker of record and provide 24 hours for a fully negotiated contract to be submitted.  There is an automatic $50 fine, and if the contract is not received within the 24 hours the listing will be pulled from the Service.

Please be sure you are doing your due diligence and obtaining all required signatures.  If there are any questions please feel free to contact staff and we’d be happy to answer them.  Thank you!