Listed in MLS = Broker Showing It!

Entering a listing into the MLS with remarks that direct other Realtors to send their buyers to a public open house days away, or a statement that there will be no showing until ___ date is a violation of MLS rules. You must either have a “DELAYED or REFUSAL TO LIST PROPERTY IN MLS” form signed by the seller (you cannot enter in the MLS until it’s ready to show) or remove any such language and accept appointments to show when listed in the MLS.

Question asked:  Can you tell cooperating brokers who view a home before the public open house that you will submit all offers but the seller has already informed you they are waiting until after the open house (or until all showings are completed) to consider all offers received? YES, as long as it’s the seller’s decision to gamble a ‘bird in the hand’ to see what’s in the bushes, of course! And, as long as you are presenting the seller with offers when received.  Sellers can decide when they will consider an offer, as long as they are fully aware of the offer and it’s expiration.  Interested buyers may make incredible offers with shorter expiration deadlines than the seller would like to try to get them to respond. Negotiations, positioning, this is the time Realtors can shine!

While we understand the premise for that type of marketing, it is against the spirit and the rules of MLS to enter a listing that you are not willing to actively show to buyers who are represented by other brokers.  The purpose of the MLS is to share a promise of cooperation and compensation between members – so if you aren’t able to cooperate with other agents by showing their buyers your listed property, the listing can’t be in the MLS. That is exactly why a delayed option is provided – you can’t have the benefit of premarketing and stoking buyer demand via the MLS and then withhold it from their access. While we might address “coming soon” listings in a different way in the future, that is the rule for now.

I’m sure you can see how the perception of the value of a Realtor is negatively impacted when Realtors can’t even get their buyers a showing for a property that is actively on the market.

Please know that we’ve discussed this issue with many agents who have entered that information in the past, and continue to educate and inform if we learn of this behavior by anyone else.  It’s our goal to keep the MLS process orderly and uniform for all, and to avoid a lengthy complaint processes or hearing if a simple “heads-up and/or conversation can help resolve an issue! Let us know if you see something that should be addressed, and we encourage you to send along any questions or comments.