Linda’s Words of Wisdom – Help Us, Help You!

Please help us, help you to stay within submission policies by remembering a few key points:

Listing Date = Seller’s Signature Date:  Remember, when entering the listing date in the MLS it must correspond to the date your seller(s) signed the Exclusive Right to Sell Contract.  If you have more than one seller, and the dates are different, use the latest date on the contract.  Hint:  The 2-business day contract submission and MLS data submission also starts from the date the seller signed.

Contract Submission:  When sending in a copy of your Exclusive Right to Sell Contract, we need all 3-pages of the document.  Please email them to:

Delayed Submission:  If your seller has elected to delay submission of their listing to the MLS, please remember they must sign a Refusal or Delayed Submission to the MLS form and it, along with a copy of your Exclusive Right to Sell Contract, must be sent in within 2-business days of the seller’s signature on the forms.  (Once the listing has been entered, the Exclusive Right to Sell must be sent back in with the MLS# listed on it.)

Contact Info in Publicly Displayed Fields:  Policy states that no identifying information can be found in any publicly displayed field.  This includes public remarks, directions, and photos, and means no signs or branding in/on photos; no names, contact info, web addresses, etc. in remarks or directions.

Our job is to help you stay within compliance of these submission policies.  If you have any questions, please let us know!