Let me explain… Presenting Offers to the Seller

As the market gets more competitive, some buyers are trying to make their offers appealing in different ways – and after watching how HGTV handles it, buyers want their agent to go in and “sell” their offer to the seller. Is that acceptable?  According to the MLS Regulations, yes.  The buyer’s broker has a right to make an offer presentation to the seller on behalf of their client – or they have a right to receive a copy of the seller’s written refusal of that presentation.

Typically, the listing broker sets up the appointment, runs the meeting, allows the buyer’s agent to present their offer and review any terms, escorts the agent out and then meets with their client alone to discuss.  The listing broker may ask the buyer’s agent to leave the vicinity to allow them to discuss immediately, or may ask them to leave entirely with a promise of a return call/email.  Fun fact – quid pro quo – the listing broker has the same right to present a counter offer to the buyer in the same capacity.  If the seller wants their agent to present the counter, same rules apply!