Lead Paint Poll!

Tell us what you think! The lead paint form needs to be completed by the seller and signed by the buyer (of homes built before 1978) BEFORE the P&S form.  Sooooo… when buyers are interested in making an offer on a home you have listed, are you making the buyer’s agent’s chase this form down?  Or are you uploading the form to FlexMLS when you enter the listing so that making an offer is easy? Only 50% are using this valuable free feature of Flex… Tell us what you think to improve the process!

Out of over 1,000 homes actively listed in the MLS that were built before 1978, only 575 have lead paint forms uploaded to the listing. We've had numerous complaints that the seller’s agent hasn’t provided this completed form (required before P&S) and is holding up the offer process. Do you believe that we should…