Lead Paint Form Required in MLS for Residential and Multi Family Homes

Hopefully, you saw our previous post that the Lead Paint Disclosure form would become a requirement for a complete listing in the MLS on residential and multi family homes built prior to 1978.  Well, it’s here!  On Tuesday, May 23rd, it became a mandatory requirement that the disclosure be uploaded to your listing before it will be made live and available for viewing by other MLS users.

For step by step instructions on how to upload a document to your listing please view here.

NOTE:  The exact naming of forms is necessary, programmatically, within the database.  Previously, you were able to free format the name of any form.  Now, you MUST use the drop down to select the name of your form from the list.

Before making a change to an existing listing (i.e, price change, reporting an under agreement, etc.) you may be prompted to add or update your disclosure form.  If one does not already exist on the listing, please add one.  If one does exist on the listing, you’ll need to edit the form and use the naming mechanism shown above (see instructions here).

The following warning messages are provided for you.

When adding a new listing:

When editing an existing listing:

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact staff!