Last Mile Broadband Funding Passed MA House and Senate

Finally some good legislative news – The Massachusetts House and Senate took action to provide additional funding for the Last Mile Program in a bond bill PASSED by both chambers, the bill authorizes funding up to $32 million for grants for cities, towns, and regional organizations for capital planning, design, infrastructure, and construction of broadband infrastructure for underserved areas. The bill also authorizes an additional $13 million to recapitalize the Broadband Incentive Fund. The Last Mile Program is designed to support 44 unserved Western Massachusetts communities with residential broadband access projects. Grants are awarded to communities through the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development to assist municipalities with expanding access to high speed internet for residents and businesses.  The funding is part of an immediate needs bond bill that included also included funding for Massachusetts Soldier’s Homes. The bill was enacted by both the House and Senate yesterday and has been laid before the governor.