Keep Those Exclusive Right to Sell Contracts PRIVATE!

We’ve seen a few times this week that folks are uploading their exclusive right to sell contract to their new listings, but are not following the steps to do so to the T so their document is not private.  It can be seen by others…not good.  In those instances we find, staff at the Board Office is correcting the issue.  However, to keep your confidential records…well, confidential, please follow these steps when uploading your Exclusive Right to Sell.

Click the Document link on the change screen:


Which will bring you to the Add Document Screen:


Hit the Blue Arrow to display the list of available document names:

Select the Exclusive Right to Sell (private) form from the list:

Click the Add button to save your selection:

DO NOT type the name of the form into the description box when adding any required document.  The computer program does not recognize a manually typed name as being the document that is required.  Therefore, this same procedure should be followed when adding the lead paint form, as well.