Interesting Headlines about the Berkshires

PCB cleanup starts on 9 properties, Senators Markey and Warren Call for a Halt of the Sandisfield / Otis Sate Forest pipeline work, West Stockbridge full broadband capacity coming year. Here are some tidbits from this week:

The Berkshire Eagle reported that while the “rest of the river” plans for cleaning up the Housatonic River are bogged down in disputes (GE proposes a savings of $245 million by storing contaminated soil at two local landfills. EPA says no. The Environmental Appeals Board is set to hear the case June), work on 9 residential floodplain properties is set to begin May 15 by Maxymillian Technologies.  The plan is to remove 5,006 cubic yards of contaminated soil from 9 properties in Pittsfield, Lenox and Lee, temporarily store them at GE’s Building 65 in Pittsfield and then trucked off-site to out-of-state disposal facilities.  Pittsfield: 380 and 335 Holmes Road, a nearby parcel of land, 575 and 579 Pomeroy Ave., and 63 Revilla Terrace; Lee:  490 Golden Hill Road; Lenox, restoration of wetlands and vernal pool at 345 New Lenox Road.  EPA site dedicated to the cleanup | Eagle Article

New England Public Radio has reported that both Massachusetts U.S. senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren sent a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), calling for a halt of the natural gas pipeline project started last week in Otis State Forest. FERC granted a rehearing last year but didn’t have enough board members to hear the case – so it is unknown how approval was given despite the lack of due process.

We are tracking the MBI improvements and towns that are moving the broadband process along.  Realtors should be aware that towns getting high speed capability may not have extended service to all parcels of land in the town or all residences.  You shouldn’t assume that broadband exists without first verifying.  In good news, the West Stockbridge Town Manager reported that they expect to have full broadband capacity by the end of the year.  Do you have an update about a town you live/work? Please let us know!