Holiday Joy Program

REACT is joining forces again this year with the Berkshire Community Action Council to help provide warm clothing for children in need.

BCAC’s program has changed slightly this year:  they are collaborating with The Salvation Army, The Christian Center and the Eagle Santa Fund to provide gifts of warm clothing, toys and food for the holidays.  There will be one application, one database and one distribution center.  They are hopeful that this new approach will ensure that all children receive the items they desperately need, without duplication of efforts or distributions.

The focus for the Board is warm winter clothing, as we partner with BCAC.  (Anyone wishing can also include a toy, but we are not asking you to do so.)

If you are interested in purchasing for a child, please contact Sue.  The following, simple guidelines should be followed, please:

  • New items only
  • Unwrapped
  • Gathered into one bag, or more than one bag secured together, and tagged with the child’s identifying information.
  • Dropped off at the BCAC office:  1531 East Street, Pittsfield – no later than December 13th

If you’d rather, we are also accepting cash donations, which can be mailed to the Board Office – payable to Berkshire Community Action Council.  Funds will be passed along as they are received.

On behalf of Mary Jane Dunlop, chair; and the entire REACT committee we thank you for your generosity toward this project, and for your generosity throughout the year supporting all of our endeavors.  REALTORS, you rock!