Town Monitor Program of the Berkshire County Board of Realtors.

Help the Pittsfield Community Police

Thanks to town monitor Mary Jane Dunlop for sharing an opportunity in Pittsfield.  Safety is integral to healthy communities, and Realtors know how crime and perception can impact a town’s property values and the resident’s peace of mind.  You can help.  The Pittsfield City Council approved Mayor’s Tyer proposal for a Police Advisory and Review Board. This Board was established to advise the Mayor, the City Council and the Police Department regarding police matters, to assist with the adoption and revision of rules and regulations related to the Police Department and to provide an impartial and fair review of complaints brought by citizens regarding the Police Department. The board will meet at least quarterly and up to twice a month as determined by a majority of the board. The Mayor is the appointing authority for the board and is seeking recommendations for possible candidates. If there is anyone within your network who is interested in serving, please have them send Catherine VanBramer, Executive Assistant, Office of the Mayor their resume and/or a short biography via email at