Have a Suggestion for a Flexmls Enhancement?

Did you know…Mary Jane White, MLS President, has been selected to represent the Northeast Region of Flexmls customers at their next planning session?  A major part of her role in this position is to advance requests for enhancements to the Flexmls database, or to provide feedback on current processes that aren’t working well in the field.  Do you have a suggestion?  Please let Mary Jane know by providing her with as much information as possible, such as:

  • What your suggestion is.
  • Where do you intend to see it?  (Ex. while searching, while adding a listing, somewhere new, etc.)
  • What were you doing when you experienced a problem.
  • Can you replicate it and send exact wording of the error message, etc.

You can reach Mary Jane by email.  Please be as specific as possible.  If Mary Jane has questions she will contact you for additional details.

Thank you!