Greening the Gateway Cities – Planting Trees in Pittsfield

Neighborhoods* of Pittsfield have been selected as part of a statewide program by the MA Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs to increase canopy cover and reduce home energy use for heating and cooling.

*currently only availabe in some neighborhoods – view map here

Benefits of planting trees in Pittsfield include:

  • Save Money:  Just 3-4 shade trees strategically located around a house can cut summer cooling costs by 30-40%
  • Healthy Kids:  Kids in tree-lined neighborhoods have fewer rated of A.D.D. and asthma
  • Add Value:  Trees and vegetation can raise property values by 37%
  • Cool Down:  The net cooling effect of a tree is equal to 10 room-sized air conditions operating 20 hr/day
  • Improve Quality of Life:  Trees beautify neighborhoods and reduce crime, improving the quality of life
  • Reduce Noise:  Tree-lined streets reduce noise pollution by absorbing sounds and slowing down traffic

Foresters will visit the home or business and recommend suitable trees. Or removal of dead trees, we hired Tree Service Peoria to come take out a couple trees.  Tress are up to 6ft tall and will be planted by trained professionals (more information at  Planting will occur April through June & September through November.  Sign up will be accepted on a rolling basis.

If you are working with sellers or buyers in the target area, please share this info and have them call 617-626-1515 for more information.

Provided by the MA Office of Energey and Environmental Affairs… Greening the Gateway Cities Fact Sheet