Government Affairs Planning

Franz Forster, Chair of Government Affairs, would like to invite you to our first meeting of the year.  We are using a Google Doodle Poll scheduler to pick the best date, so if you’re interested, please indicate your availability.  We have a big this year.

The mission of the group is to review, organize and implement advocacy regarding legislative issues which affect the real estate industry, the profession, or private property rights and recommend specific positions to the Board of Directors.  We’re also hoping to motivate members to become more actively involved in a wide variety of political activities and to educate members as to the need for involvement and advocacy. To establish political action task forces designed to focus on local issues.

Initial Action Items:

  • Identify Volunteers to Engage in Committee and Community Projects
  • Plan the Legislative Luncheon
  • Promote Broker Involvement Program
  • Promote Calls-to-Action & RPAC
  • Establish State Political Coordinators and if there shall be Town / Regional Monitors
  • Address Local Issues & Member Mobilization (Summary of issues update in 1/29/16 Friday Recap)
  • Develop Role to Participate in Berkshire Smart Growth Development
  • Understand and Mobilize for Massachusetts Legislative Issues:
  • Information Outreach to Members and Public