On October 13, there will be three updates to Flexmls. The first change allows the List tab to better accommodate large text fields. The second will allow changes to contingent statuses to either remain or be removed from the Portal and Subscription emails (as allowed by the MLS).  In addition to these updates, support for Internet Explorer 10 will be discontinued.

Expandable Text on the List Tab

The List tab will be able to accommodate fields that contain large amounts of text. When viewing the List tab, only a limited amount of text will display by default. If there are more characters in the field, click the Show More link to expand the field and show all of the information.   When in the expanded view, click Show Less to revert back to the shorter display.


Contingent Statuses in the News Feed

As allowed by your MLS, contingent statuses will now be available to include or exclude from the portal and subscription News Feeds. Since the News Feed shows a record of all the listings the user has received, it is now possible to allow contingent listings to stay in the News Feed even if the listing has changed status to no longer match the original search criteria. This applies to the News Feed when accessed from either a subscription email or from the portal. By default, all statuses allowed by the MLS will be allowed in to stay in the News Feed.

If you want to change the default statuses allowed in Subscriptions and the Portal, go to the Preferences Menu and select Portal Preferences. Under the Portal Preferences section, you have access to the setting called Allow these statuses in the portal news feed for listings that no longer match.

If you would like to exclude contingent statuses from appearing for a specific user, go to the Contacts Menu and select Contact Management. Select the user, click on their Portal tab, and select Change Settings.

portal settings

Internet Explorer 10 No Longer Supported

On October 13, FBS will no longer support Internet Explorer 10 for Flexmls Web. As Flexmls Web is a web-based application, it’s important to have an up-to-date web browser to utilize its features.   FBS will continue to support Internet Explorer 11, and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. To check which version of your browser you are currently using, click here.

To download the latest version of a browser click on the appropriate link below: