Fiber Optic Towns Update

At our April 2nd Membership Industry Luncheon, we were given a fantastic presentation on Fiber Optic Towns and the Massachusetts Broadband Institute by Marc Bouvier, Fred Feit and Steve King of Axia MassBroadband 123. We have included the Axia PowerPoint in case you missed it!  We also want to make you aware of the FiberTown initiatives by Wired West and independent towns looking to add Fiber capability to extend beyond the main hub.   For a town to become a “fiber town” as part of the network, it not only must borrow the money, some of which is provided by the legislative budget allocation, but 40 percent of a town’s households must sign up for service in advance and make a $49 refundable deposit toward their first month’s bill. The point is for people to show that they’re serious about wanting broadband.

Highlights of the Presentation:

Axia – overview
Massachusetts Broadband Institute and the MassBroadband123 – overview
•What does this mean?
Taking Advantage of the MB123 with Axia – Fiber to the Home Strategy
Next Steps

Be informed:
•Significance of this valuable resource.
•How access to technology fits into your clients’ buying criteria.
Be proactive within your communities:
•Attend the various meetings associated and advocate for adoption.
Educate your constituents:
•Clients, fellow residents, business owners.
Form groups of interested and progressive thinking parties.
•CONTACT AXIA WITH QUESTIONS OR FOR ASSISTANCE (Their contact information is within the PowerPoint)!

Axia PowerPoint