February Membership Report: After Dues Renewal

We have just wrapped up dues billing for 2020, and here are the membership numbers: We have had 494 renewing and current members pay for 2020 dues, (470 budgeted). For MLS, we have 608 Realtors using the system, holding Realtor membership in the Berkshires and beyond (budgeted 585). We just welcomed 9 Realtors who had applied last year to full membership after taking a new member orientation last month. We had 27 Realtors drop membership, retire or the broker notified us they were no longer hanging their license with their firm in the coming year. We are happy to welcome back 20 affiliate members and 8 Affiliate Appraisers.

We congratulate the 36 members who have received their commitment to excellence designation. As you might remember, President Eric Steurenagle challenged 100 members to complete this endorsement learning program by the end of 2020 – we are 36% toward our goal!
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