Exclusive Right to Sell TIP to Make YOUR Life Easier

As you’re probably more than aware, the new policy of entering your Exclusive Right to Sell contract as part of the requirement for completing a listing in the Flexmls system went into a trial basis on July 1st giving everyone the opportunity to become adjusted to this new procedure, and is now IN FULL EFFECT, as of Monday, August 12th.

What does this mean for you?  Well, first, before a new listing will go live in the system and be disseminated to all your fellow REALTORS or syndicated to sites like realtor.com, Zillow and Trulia, you must upload your Exclusive Right to Sell (ERTS) contract to your listing.  This is done through the DOCUMENTS section on your listing, just like the Lead Paint process you have been going through for the last year.

Second, this also means that ANY CHANGE you make to your listing (i.e., sale price, status, photos, verbiage, etc.) will require you to upload the ERTS, if you have not already done so.

(PLEASE NOTE:  USE the drop down list to name your document.  This ensures that the system knows that you’ve uploaded the Exclusive Right to Sell contract AND keeps in confidential.  Only you, anyone in your firm with edit capabilities for your listing and Board Office staff can see the ERTS.)

Here’s the TIP:  Start uploading your ERTS contracts to your listings NOW.  You can do this without making any other changes to your listing and it can be done at your leisure rather than when you are trying to make an important change in the database.  Imagine the frustration you will be saved when you’re working from home at 11:00 p.m. and don’t have to worry about getting a hold of your ERTS that is safely locked away in the office files!

And, as a friendly reminder, if you are extending a listing through the use of a Modification to the Exclusive Right to Sell contract, that form should be uploaded under the Exclusive Right to Sell document name.

Please call the Board Office if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to walk you through the steps!